Chapter six

Waking up in the morning. Expectation: As the morning sun's first rays caressed her luminescent skin, she smiled a half smile as his hands gently removed the golden locks of hair covering her face. She opened her eyes  that shone like diamonds, and as he moved closer to caress her, he couldn't help but think how he loved the scent of her. 

Reality: As she snoozed her alarm for the nth time that morning, f**k were the very first words that came out of her mouth, repeatedly. Looking at the endless missed calls and texts on her phone, she knew she was late for work yet again. Perhaps it was time to accept that "Just one drink" was indeed a myth after all. 

Chapter One- The Sari and The Shirt

As millennials, we often underestimate the power of a sari. With the temperatures rising, one yearns for something light and almost weightless touching the skin. That's the beauty of these nine yards of translucence, it conceals and reveals just the right things. I haven't come across a single woman who doesn't look good in a sari. Growing up in a Punjabi household, I always saw my mother, grandmother and aunts wear salwar suits for any occasion, rarely a sari, with the exception of my aunt who lived in Vishakhapatnam. She wore a sari all day, everyday, whether it was to do household chores or even sleep. It baffled me as to how she was so comfortable in something that looked like a lot of fabric bunched together.


I thought I would never be comfortable in something so complex. But the sari is one of the simplest and most creative piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. There are endless ways to drape it and even more ways to pair it make it work for your body type. For this shoot, I decided to team my favourite cotton ones with cotton shirts from my wardrobe. From pairing it with a light denim shirt to a formal pin striped white one, cotton saris can help you survive the summer and make a bold statement. I've come across so many people who thing a sari ages them, but that's something I strongly disagree with. It's a fun garment to play around with if you're ready to experiment and are bored of cotton dresses and the usual jeans and tee combos. So what's your favourite way to wear a sari?


Concept and Styling: Shirin Salwan

Photographed by: Apoorva Shah

Make-up and Hair: Bhavya Arora

Creative Consultant: Sohiny Das